The Copper Creek PTO is comprised of parent volunteers and representatives from the teaching and administrative staff who give their time and energy into making Copper Creek the best school it can be.  We aim to raise money, provide information, and supply fun and memories for all of the Copper Creek staff and families.

The 2017-2018 Board is:

President: Kimiko Larkin

Co-Vice Presidents: Kendra Ritchey and Allison Edgell

Treasurer: Nadia Brown

Secretary: Kim Evans

Directors of Community Relations: Jackie McGuire and Patty Wilderson

Director of Fundraising: Valerie Crawford


What does the PTO do?

The Parent Teacher Organization at Copper Creek is a very active part of our school, and we are very dedicated to doing everything we can to enhance our children’s education.

Did you know?

Our PTO spent over $65,000 this year to support our children’s education at Copper Creek.

Here’s a peek at where some of the money raised was spent.

*$8,000 for teacher supply checks for classrooms

*$7,000 for technology and supplies (including 14 ipads for a new STEM curriculum for 4th and 5th grades)

*$3,000 for Reflex math program

*$21,000 for salary positions – $9,000 for online Spanish program

*$17,000 for school improvement projects

As state budgets continue to decrease school funding, our PTO is integral in meeting the gaps that currently exist so that our kids all benefit in an educationally rich and supportive environment.

In addition to the to the programs above the PTO has also replaced five cafeteria tables at a cost of $15,000 and is working toward replacing the first grade playground at a cost of $35,000.

Our PTO is  made up of a group of volunteers, and representatives from the teaching and administrative staff

Being involved with PTO is a great way to meet other Copper Creek families, and help the school and your child’s education.  We highly encourage you to attend PTO meetings, where everyone’s input is welcome.

Meetings are held in the school library, where childcare will be provided.