After School Activities

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ATSK flyer
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American Taekwondo Super Karate has been teaching kids Taekwondo at Copper Creek for over 20 years.  If you have a child in kindergarten to 5th grade and they are shy, outgoing, or even a little wild once in a while then you should give Taekwondo a try. Classes start Tuesday, August 10th. The cost is $12.00 per class paid by the month.

PTO Sponsored Art Class

Fall 2021 Session 1 - August 18 - October 6th

Ms. McCoy will be teaching an after school art class on Wednesdays from 12:05 - 1:05. It will run for 8 weeks for $100, and is open to 1st-5th graders. Students will work with Ms. McCoy on a variety of fun, one-of-a-kind art projects planned with a focus on famous artists, art styles, fun surprises, and the use of cool art supplies.  art projects. Classes will run from August 18 - October 6th.


Copper Creek After School Art is Fun, Exploratory, Challenging and Creative!

Classes will include:

  • Paleolithic/Neolithic Art-charcoals/oil pastels (history + art)
  • Hopi Pottery- clay-making (Arizona history+ art)
  • Asian Art- brushwork, kimono, fish printmaking (world history + art)
  • Printmaking-ink mono-prints/overlay painting (world history +art)
  • “Look up”(atmospheric/linear perspective) canvas painting (science + art)


Team Dance is a non-competitive class that does a variety of dances that include jazz and hip hop. All dances are choreographed to the hottest songs from Disney radio, shows, and movies, including the new Descendants 3! Classes are conveniently located right on campus!  Students will build confidence, friendship, technique, performance skills and have fun!!! We use hula hoops, pom-poms, streamers and more. There are two performances per year. If you love to dance this is the place to be.

2021-2022 schedule coming soon